2010 Racing Scheldule

Scooter racing

Scooter Racing

Second half of season started July 17 with a Aug 14th date that both went off very well with some great racing and prizes.

Sept 25 is next date up with even more action coming for scooters and mini moto bikes. The word has spread and more racers are making plans to visit track. SRC will also be on the road in Oct and Nov so if you are on scooters join us for group trip, ride up with us to NJ Motorsports Park for NJMINIGP dates, we have trailer and van and plan to take four scoots with us as always, if you need a ride to race and a ride there contact us at 240 28808220 set up with Tommy Thunder at Scootertronics.

Well a new season is coming up for racing this year and we are getting huge. We have many more riders, track dates and sponsors.
The new race schedule is coming out with new dates every week so keep posted. Here are some of the dates so far, dates with cash prizes will put top riders in all classes in a winner take all sponsored race. A third cash prize race is planned for riders coming after 3rd place.

Sandyhook Speedway in Street Maryland

March 27th Track day
April 24th Racing
May 22nd Racing Cash Prizes for Main Event (2-3 races)
June 26th and 27th at VIR in Alton, VA with USMGP Cash Prizes
July 17th Racing
August 14th Racing
September 25th Racing
October 9th and the 23rd Racing
November 13th and 20th Racing

New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville NJ
May 2nd Racing
June 6th
August 9th
Sept 5th-6th Labor day weekend AMA

Virgina International Speedway
June 26th-27th All weekend Event sponsor ed by Scootertronics MRP USMGP Geico Stripper Juice

Beaver Run Speedway
Circleville Date will be with Genuine Scooters which will team up with MASRC for a day of racing
Dates will be out soon

We are also looking at night dates on Eastern Shore of MD plus dates at stock car tracks as a special show for scooters.

These dates are set but could change so contact me before you come out. More dates for other tracks coming so keep posted.


6 responses to “2010 Racing Scheldule

  1. Sweet! Im super stoked.

  2. This will be a great year for scooter racing, with the foundation laid by SRC in 2009 the begining has already begun so hop on the racing train.

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  5. Stripper Juice Works Great,Thank you..

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