Scooter Racing 2012

After a uneventful 2011 the SRC scooter racing crew is gearing up for 2012. We are looking for riders and scooter owners to join up with us and make 2012  the best year to date. All are welcome as riders for SRC which means you get yourself to the track and race a SRC built scooter.  Scooter Racing is highly popular around the globe and it has always been my intention to do everything I can do to make it popular here in the states.  So if you love scooters and want to get involved in anyway we welcome your support. Because Tommy and I have the resources and the knowledge we want to share this with others.

Looking to get out on the track March 31 (Sandyhook Street MD) through Nov The core of SRC is intact with Tommy Thunder ridding 53 and maintaining the scooters which at this point are getting paint, exhaust and of course CVT work. SRC is looking to bring the Scholl racing family on 16 and 11 along with 61. We do have a few  scooters that are being built that are being built with a possible 150 added. QJ models along with Yamaha engines could be ready by May/June for nationals.

The tracks we are looking to visit in MD, NJ, PA, OH, IN.  The dates will be along with Mini Moto Races. This makes for a very eventful day of racing. The Twist and Gone drag racing series in IN is an event we surely want to get to in 2012. Time and cost is the only set back that has kept us from attending. This is a scooter only drag race that anyone with any scooter can get in on. These guys have done well and I want to support them and show up. It is a goal of mine to make it happen. It would be great if I could do it all on my own but that was never my intention when Tommy and I started. Our first races where Tommy building the scooter and ridding it while I handle design, transpo, funding, the driving to event. Between the two us we had built a team of 6 racers from 2008-2011. I will work hard to get back to that amount and more with your support.


Stay tunned and let us know if you want to get involved.


Scoot Power from Scootertronics

Mini Quad Racing ATV Racing

The quad racing has really taken off in the last few years which has brought the production of many new products to help these machines compete with each other every weekend.

Since Scootertronics provides many high performance parts for scooters the engines in the Quads will be an easy upgrade based on the fact that the Quads use the very same engines as the scooters.  Scootertronics has sponsored a Scooter Racing Crew for 3 years running that include scooters from Yamaha Zuma, Eton, Yamati, Kymco, Benneli, Vento, Keeway plus of course my very own custom made racing scooter that I took what I had and built the fastest one when the right rider was on it. The above are all two stroke with one four stroke so I do have high performance for 49cc four stroke also since Kawasuki, Linhai, Kymco all use the same…

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Scoot Power from Scootertronics

New High Performance Parts for scooters

New parts for Yamaha 125  scooters from NCY along with new GY6 50 performance exhaust in stock today for shipping.   NCY brings an awesome upgrade to any scooter with a performance clutch and bell thats affordable and gets the job done.

New exhaust added for GY6 50 139QMB for stock engines as well as performance mods when adding larger cylinder kits, new carbs plus CVT work.

Clutches and Pipes are in stock for shipping.

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Just a quick FYI for those you into the scooter race scene in the US or looking to make it happen in your area.

Eariler in the year I had to cancel my dates at certain tracks simply because I could not get the track operators to understand what I had purpose. Of course with most tracks and what holds true for those who are simply part time money was the only problem.

Not understanding my written game plan for year had me walk away at the last minute. I just could see spending the time and money for promotion and trophys when I had to compete on the same day with walk ins and other clubs who had copied my hard work to call it their own.

As of now I have been hard at work looking at FL tracks as well as everything in between. As the number one place online to build racing scooters in the US I will get this done in the US. I am working hard on global support, that means US and Europe as well as Asia. In these tough times its hard to get anyone to take notice. But low and behold they have and it will come together.


Stay tuned, I still want toget my team back on the track in 2011 to close out the year. We did take them out on May 15 now we have to put them back together for more races in 2011.

May 15th Scooter Racing

MASRC along with SRC will be at New Jersey Motor Sports Park in MIllville NJ racing with NJMINIGP on MY 15th.

SRC will show will show 6 scooters and riders. At this point we have three other riders that have asked ot come along with  us. This is building so if you want to get out on the track this is a perfect time. We will help all those who are first timers and who might need some help getting there and getting ino the groove.

If you like you can travel with us and set up in our pit area. There will be scooters only race time with plenty of practice before heats start.

You can race 50cc-150cc, these will all run together. If you also have small motorycles bring them and put them on the track. Gear is needed and leather is suggested, boots, gloves full face helmets. We will have parts and tool sto help anyone with repairs or mods.

There are more dates in 2011 in PA, NY and of course NJ and MD.

Let us know so we plan and have a great day

Scooter Racing

Sandyhook Speedway====although we did not agree on our Mini Moto race series we offered to Sandyhhok Speedway they still what they call a regular show plus Md Mini Moto does something but I am not sure what they do whether they offer trophys or point system but what I have read and been told they nor Sandyhook offers a scooter race class which has kept us from attending. We spent two years racing there and draw up to 12 scooters a race so we would like to race in a scooter class not F1 for motorcycles. We do want to attend but only if we race in a scooter class which we do at NJMINI and OVRP plus OHYSR. Hopefully someone will contact us from sandyhook with a scooter class.

Now lets move on— May 15 scooters will race at NJMINI 7 scoots so far are set to show on this date.

May 7th I am looking at Drag Racing our scooters at RMC which is Reading Motorcycle Club, they have a track just for motorcycles and it has been suggested to us that we race here so it looks good to me and is close a two hour drive for us from shop.

2011 Events

Events are heating up for Summer 2011 from Scooter/Motard Racing to Mods Vs Rockers in Essex MD the Tommy West Scooter/Motorcycle Ride held on two differet dates this year one for scooters and one for motorcycles, the Thunder Cacotian Mountain Ride, Straight Up Performance Day, NJMINI/MASRC/OHYSR East Mini Championship, Mid Atlantic Scooter Racing Commission 2011 Scooter Racing Series at several tracks including New Jersey Motorsports Pak, Beaverrun PA, OVRP with NJMINIGP. with sponsors like MRP and Scootertronics 2011 will be a very cool summer to hang. A few events still on the drawing board are the Scooter Drag Racing dates which one is the Twist and Gone Series in Indiana which we are 75% there as of now, drag dates in MD, PA and VA with dates at dirt racks tha run mini sprint cars, these are show dates which we will demo our race scooters, several dates for scooter saftey and open house at scootertronics.


A quick look at Mods Vs Rockers last year was that we were joined by some of our motard racers from Sandyhook at this even who brought along their vintage motorcycles to take home best Japanese Motorcycle which was Paul Lough for an RD350 and for all those who raced at Sandyhook and NJMINIGP in 2010 will know Paul well not only for is skill on the track but as a supporter of MASRC from 2009. Also so with Paul at this event was Mark with his 64 Honda 200, so the day was a great time with scooter burnouts wheelies and Tommy Thunders Allstate taking home best Vintage scooter.

Scooter Racing in 2010 was in full swing at NJMINIGP with MASRC who placed 5 scooters on the track as well as Mike McHale on his super Aprillia which I know he cant wait to get back on the track with MASRC in 2011 as well as NJMINIs top rider Eric Stump who took first in the scooter final. XMR PROs was also placing scooters in the scooter racing series in 2010 at Sandyhook all year.

The scooter rides in 2010 from Scootertronics in Thurmont MD were in full swing on Aug 1 with 35 scooter riders showing to ride with Scooertronics. These scooter riders came from up to 100 miles away to ride with Scootertronics from the states of VA, PA and MD ridding everything from simple chinese knock offs to Beverly 500s a lot of Super 9s Etons plus Buddy 50s Piaggio Fly and LX, all riders donated can food to food bank. Thi sday made Tommy and I very proud to have this type of support from local riders so we intend to give much more back at this years Thunder Cacotian Mountain Ride scooter ride event.

MASRC has Twist and Gone in their sights as well as OHYSR at Circleville plus Mini Mash on May 29th in Camden OH.

With a scooter race team from Stage 6 getting on the track with MASRC and SRC at Scootertronicssponsored events as well as other events we are not directly involved in 2011 scooter racing will be huge for all.


Scooter Race Dates

MASRC will race plenty in 2011. MASRC will concentrate only on scooter racing from here out. Sandyhook was only track where we would have done all classes of Mini Moto.

MASRC will race at at all NJMINI racing events. At this time we will race at both NJMINI dates they will attend at Beaverun PA. Also NJMINI dates at OVRP. MASRC is also considering OHYSR dates at Circleville plus GnJ Kartway date of May 29th Mini Mash. All tracks have informed MASRC that along as 5 scooters show on race dates there will be a scooter race class with only scooters on the track for heats and finals. Practice will run with F1. Since the SRC scooter race crew travels with 5/6 scooters a scooter race will happen hands down.

MASRC is working out details to sponsor the scooter class for trophys and scoring throughout the year at all tracks with a final for the scooter race champ.

With three years under our belt of scooter racing MASRC will put scooter racing on the map in the Mid Atlantic region as well as far west as Indiana.

Please check back soon our first date is May 15 in NJ with NJMINIGP.

Teams from Scootertronics and Stage 6 will race on these dates


June 11th Beaver Run

July 24th OVRP NY

Aug 7th Beaverun PA

Sept 11th  OVRP

Oct 8th and 29 NJMINIGP

We will continue to talk with Sandyhook to work out a date

MASRC would really like to hear from all parties that would like to race all scooters from 49cc to 150cc are more than welcome and we will help everyone get started. MASRC will reach their goal and make scooter racing in the US a enjoyable event to watch and be involved in just as it is all over the globe. And we are beingwatched.